Do you have CMT or HMN of an unknown genetic cause?

You may have SORD Deficiency.

People living with Sorbitol Dehydrogenase (SORD) Deficiency are missing the SORD enzyme required to metabolize sorbitol. High sorbitol levels in blood and tissues cause CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth) and HMN (Hereditary Motor Neuropathy) symptoms.

You may qualify to get tested for SORD Deficiency at no cost and find out if you can participate in a new clinical trial in SORD Deficiency. A nurse will visit your home to draw a blood sample — it only takes a few minutes, and you will receive your results within a few weeks.

Eligibility requirements for the blood test include:

  • 16–55 years of age
  •  with a clinical diagnosis of a hereditary neuropathy

The INSPIRE clinical trial is currently enrolling eligible participants to study investigational AT-007 for the treatment of SORD Deficiency.

If you think you may have SORD Deficiency, consider enrolling in the INSPIRE clinical trial. You can get tested at no cost to find out if you qualify for the SORD Deficiency clinical trial.

If you are interested in scheduling a screening, or learning more about the trial, please email:

About the INSPIRE clinical trial

This trial is designed to investigate the ability of AT-007 versus placebo to reduce toxic sorbitol levels, and to evaluate the effect of AT-007 on improving symptoms of the disease over a longer period of time.

Participants who receive placebo treatment in the main study, will have the opportunity to transition to the open-label extension part of the study and receive AT-007 for 24 months.

Data will be collected, handled, and processed in compliance with applicable regulatory guidelines. Participant data will not be shared with anyone other than in circumstances that will be explained on the consent form.

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